CTL Sand Dry Magnetic Separator

CTL Magnet trocken magnetsysteme Magnetabscheider verfügt CTL- Serie Dauer Pulver trocken Erz Magnetscheider ist eine neu entwickelte, leistungsfähige Trockenabscheidung Geräte können weit in der Metallurgie -und anderen Branchen eingesetzt werden. Die Vorrichtung

Fury Magnetfeld und die Eigenschaften der hohen Trennfaktor , moderne Struktur , geringes Gewicht, zuverlässigen Betrieb , einfache Wartung. Dieses Produkt ist ideal für Trockengebiete geeignet , spart Wasserressourcen,

Niedrigere Verarbeitungskosten , für die Gewinnung und Verwendung von ultra- arme Magnetit hat einen neuen Weg eröffnet. Dieses Produkt kann auch durch Dieselmotoren angetrieben werden , kann die Leistungsmangelbereichenverwendet werden , zusätzlich zu den bestehenden Stylingprodukte

, Können ebenfalls je nach den spezifischen Bedürfnissen unterschiedlicher Benutzer der Magnetflussdichte und die Anwendung der verschiedenen magnetischen Materialien Magnetabscheider entwickelt werden.
Dieses Produkt wird hauptsächlich in den folgenden Situationen verwendet :
Kann für die Vorauswahl von Low-grade- Erz -Operationen , vor- Konzentration von Erz -Ressourcen , Verbesserung der industriemagnete Qualität in die Mühle , geringere Prozesskosten verwendet werden.
Für Tailings -, Recycling- Berge trockenen Hangabschnitte relativ Bereicherung Berge .
Schwefelsäure Rückstand trocken magnetische Trennung für die Reinigung . Für nicht-magnetische Materialien zusätzlich zu Eisen, ist der Effekt auf der Hand , Verarbeitung und geringe Kosten.
Gereinigtes Eisenpulver für magnetische Trennung Anlagenbetrieb , zusätzlich zu werfen die Armen Eisenkonzentrat und Gangart Magnetstab mit dem lebenden Körper , verbessern die Konzentratgehalt erhöhen Wert- Verarbeitungsanlage Produkttechnologie .


the characteristics of the electromagnet
The nature of its coil current can be magnetic drums divided into AC DC solenoid and electromagnet; according to different uses can be divided into traction magnet, brake magnet, lifting magnet and other types of special electromagnet. Traction magnet mainly used for automatic control apparatus for pulling or repulsive mechanical devices, in order to achieve the purpose of automatic control or remote; brake solenoid is used to operate the brakes, the brake in order to complete the task electromagnet; electromagnetic lifting Iron is used for lifting, carrying heavy loads ferromagnetic electromagnet. 3. Electromagnet different depending on the power supply, the following three: ① AC solenoids. AC solenoid valve voltage is generally used AC 220V, electrical wiring configuration is simple. AC solenoid actuation force is large, the commutation time is short. But reversing the impact of large, working temperature rise (housing with cooling ribs); when the spool is jammed, the electromagnet easy to burn out due to excessive current, less reliable, so the switching frequency must not exceed 30 times / min short-lived. ② DC solenoids. DC 24V DC voltage solenoid general use, requiring dedicated DC power supply. The advantage is that the core will not get stuck and burn (its cylindrical shell without cooling ribs), small, reliable, allows switching frequency is 120 times / min, reversing the impact of small, long service life. But starting force smaller than AC electromagnet. ③ This integer electromagnet. The integer represents the local AC rectifier. The electromagnet itself with half-wave rectifier, AC power can be directly used at the same time, a DC electromagnet structure and properties. 1, Plate magnets first power supply design, namely the voltage across the coil. DC power supply is recommended, because the DC current can guarantee stable suction times, no alternating. Magnetic attractive force between the small of your design, you can choose 5-12V DC power supply (voltage greater the reaction faster). 2, winding group of materials selection, if the design requires winding group of light weight, you can choose enamelled wire. Generally, the selection enamelled copper wire, because the low resistance of copper. 3, consider the group of heating wire, there is a resistance of the winding group, the heating power P = U * U / R (U is the supply voltage). 4, the selection of a suitable conductor cross-sectional area as the winding pack. 5, the magnetic force Fα magnetic induction B, the BαI * N (product of current and the number of turns), and I = U / R, and RαN. (Complex bars, simplify) the specific formula: B = u * I * N / 2; R = ρ * L / S = ρ * π * D * N / S; (u is the magnetic permeability of the wheels, ρ the wire resistivity, S is the cross sectional area of ​​the wire, D is the average diameter of the coil ≈ 32mm, N ≈ 0.85 * (20-12) * 33.5 / S, L is the conductor length. Notes: S units of mm; ρ The unit is ohm mm) are: B ≈ 0.59 * u * S / ρ (as long as it can be seen winding a certain area, B, and N contents) to see coil heating power: P = U * U / Rα (S ^ 2 ); therefore try to take a small conductor cross-section S, but S is too small will lead to changes in magnetic force is slow.

what means that the parameters of the magnet

what means that the parameters of the magnet? Bulk magnet magnetic size indicates how
NdFeB magnets in terms of samarium cobalt respect, and if I put a bit more professional, and that is remanence, coercivity magnetic induction, intrinsic coercivity, the maximum energy product, operating temperature, etc. these items, if not so professional point of it, that that is, we put it more generally the highest point of the magnetic table (unit is gauss). Generally square magnet magnetic magnets with the length and breadth three main dimensions, the materials used and the magnetization direction are closely related. In general, the magnetization direction of the face and the size ratio is smaller, its performance at the highest point of the magnetic data table is greater.
Generally based on the size of the electromagnet magnetic Nm calculation, if it is only a small distance of 1000KG shaped tool holders electromagnet, 24V2A electromagnet, the distance, then you can do about 150KG; using magnets exclusion of same-sex repulsion between how much force can be ? magnetic holders It depends on the distance and the electromagnet repulsion power.

magnetic force lines how the distribution

The magnetic field direction and the magnetic field lines
Objective and requirements
  Recognizing the direction Magnetic Grate of the magnetic field is the magnetic field direction magnetic field lines can be represented graphically.
Instruments and equipment
  Bar magnet (T054), a horseshoe magnet (U082), a small needle (J2406-type), the projector slide projector, glass, wax paper, iron certain.
  1. Direction of the field
  According to Figure 3.23-1, in the same position and replace it with a different pointer Arctic observing needle pointing unchanged.
  Conclusion: The magnetic field direction of the needle in a position pointing to the North Pole field direction to that point.
 2. Magnetic flux Magnetic Name Badge distribution of a bar magnet
  The iron filings sprinkled around a bar magnet, tap the glass, and guide students to observe the arrangement of iron filings, as shown in Figure 3.23-2. Pointed out that the arrangement of iron filings are available to represent the magnetic field lines; magnetic field lines come out from the back magnet magnet Arctic Antarctic.
 3. Horseshoe magnet magnetic flux distribution in the same method to demonstrate a horseshoe magnet magnetic flux distribution shown in Figure 3.23-3.
Conclusion: The magnetic field lines are used to visually represent the magnetic field direction at each point of the curve.
Reference] fixed magnetic line spectrum
  The permanent magnet on the table, the glass on the magnet above the glass and then covered with a wax paper, evenly sprinkle the filings on the waxed paper, tap the glass, so that iron filings lined up along the magnetic field lines. Then heated with an alcohol lamp on the glass when heated to make the alcohol lamp flame smaller, and make alcohol lamp beneath the glass moved slowly until magnetic plate separator melted wax on wax paper lit up. After the wax cools and solidifies, iron will stick to the wax paper, and put on wax paper fixed on a board hung up, you can see the spectrum of the magnetic field lines.
Note: when subjected to the magnetic field attached to the magnetic field of magnetic materials, the magnetic substances of refuse, the shape of the magnetic field lines will change.

magnetic perpetual motion machine can achieve it

Some textbooks wash annoying things can not superstitious, human understanding of nature in progress.

On the realization of a hundred bullet magnet years ago Tesla free energy devices, and can be on a global scale wireless transmission. But it does relate to the consortium, the national government and the enormous benefits such as energy giants, we can think of to understand.

Abandon the boring “perpetual motion”, we will usher in the “free energy” Time
Perpetual motion this concept there is a problem, there is no perpetual motion machine in the world, the earth, the sun, the universe eternal perpetual ah no law, not to mention equipment yet.
But the world can not exist and continue to generate energy for people to continue to operate the equipment do? Internal combustion engine, a variety of generators, abound. “Perpetual” concept with our reference systems and related forms of energy.
There is a lot we do not acknowledge the magnetic lifter nature of the energy, so that energy is likely to be available, such as electromagnetic energy, atomic energy, etc., in the past, when we have no relevant theories do not think the energy generators and nuclear power stations now there. In fact, all substances are microscopic particle moving at high speed, the quantum world where there are infinite energy.
Now we can get from the environment in which a variety of known energy conversion apparatus out for use by man, and this means a conventional energy output than the input energy, in order to achieve self-operation, called “free energy devices”
Details Reference: [free energy device Practices Manual]
Which introduced 100 years ago Tesla from the beginning to now countless variety of free energy devices and principles. Some of these devices and subsequently also the imitation was successful.
At present the main principle is that by magnetic equipments rotating electromagnetic fields, high voltage coil resonance, etc., extract the zero-point energy in the environment, to achieve energy output than input.
Magnetic motivation is entirely feasible, there are many ways to achieve magnetic motive has been a lot of people succeed. But it is not a “perpetual motion”, it consumes magnetism, the machine will stop after the required magnetization. Given the increasing number of magnetic motive was invented, there will soon be estimated principle model or minicomputer market.

But the free energy device would involve a lot of ridge segments and financial resources are fu fa interests, and the resulting variety of reasons, so the last century free energy devices have not been promoted.
There have been many domestic and foreign research free energy enthusiasts and groups, and some have made the surprising results.
The next will be the rise of free energy devices, because a lot of world-wide free energy devices have been achievements, estimated the next few years there will be all kinds of magnetic free energy products motives and public sale.
We can doubt, ridicule, but it should not do that to people who burned Copernicus, please be patient, the facts will speak for themselves, human progress is constantly breaking down old cognition, the impossible becomes possible.
We want to completely forget about the ‘perpetual motion’ is meaningless controversial concept.
One need only “free”, “freedom” infinite energy extracted from the environment “free energy” devices.

the solenoid force size and what factors

Electromagnet magnetic size and what factors related
1 Current Size
The use of batteries, nails, small pipe magnets nails, by changing the number of batteries, pick up nails quantity drawn: current, magnetic big.
2 winding turns
As described above, in the case of the same current, changing the number of turns, the number of pick up nails drawn: number of turns, a large magnetic force.
3. Whether the core
As above, current is constant, the magnet bullet number of turns unchanged compared insert core and coreless pick up nails when the number of results: There are core, magnetic large

flotation machine type determines its use

flotation machine type determines its use and the urgency of innovation and improvement

Everyone knows flotation machine is selected in the mine is very extensive use, because mining flotation machine is widely used for copper, lead, zinc, nickel, molybdenum Magnetic Head Pulley and other non-ferrous metals, ferrous and non-

Metallic minerals roughing, selection and reverse flotation operations. Flotation machine for sorting colored black metal, but also for non-metal, such as: coal, fluorite, talc sorting. That

Flotation machine by a motor driven impeller rotating triangular-generation transmission, a centrifugal vacuum formed, on the one hand, sufficient air inhaled and slurry mixture, while stirring the slurry

Mixed with the drug, and refined bubble, bubble adhesion to mineral above the float to the surface and then form a slurry bubble mineralization. Ram height adjustment, control surface, useful foam

Scraped by the scraper. Because of these extensive use, so in the future development process, we have to constantly update and updating, continuous development and constant innovation only

To complete the increasingly difficult task.
Types of mechanical flotation machine flotation machine, N42 Magnets inflatable flotation machine, or a hybrid inflatable flotation machine flotation machine, gas precipitation flotation machine. These classes

Let flotation machine type widely used in various aspects. circular magnet So these also need to be extended, make it more suitable for a variety of minerals and ore sorting.

permanent magnetic separator main functions and features

No matter what kind of water ways, must ensure a smooth slurry tank, do not turn to spend, and can borrow up the role of water, contained in the pulp and fine gangue slimes

Good flushing out. magnet ring Lower part of the water supply, the rising water tank installed in the bottom (of four), in order to increase the water flow can be evenly spread along the groove in the nozzle mounted above

There yingshuiqiao cap. Hydrosphere is used to evenly distribute water rising mains. In order to ensure the upper and lower tank slurry stability and to maintain a better water washing action,

Plumbing and meet rising water level of the cap location should be appropriate. Generally, the distance of the nozzle from the bottom of 100-150mm, yingshuiqiao cap from the nozzle distance is 80-100mm, the direct

Twice the diameter of the diameter as well. Upper water supply, the water from the tank through the center of the upper pipe to the entry and return to pan through commutation and upward mobility. Comparing two water ways,

The following portion of the rinse water is stronger, permanent dewatering tank and more with this water way. If the water contains more wood chips and waste products, or upper water way is better, that

Samples can be reduced pipe plug.

Strong permanent magnetic separator roller main features:

1, compact structure, small size, light weight, high efficiency, low power consumption, easy maintenance and repair.

2, the use of permanent magnetic system magnetic ore separator multi-level sorting design, stable, concentrate grade at the same time handling capacity can be guaranteed.

3, the source of power used electromagnetic speed motor and cycloidal needle motors to ensure that motor life and mechanical drive power; achieve beneficiation adjustable speed, the multi-stage

Duan mine of effective separation.

4, the machine for sorting tailings had a significant effect. For sorting grain size 0.1-5mm magnetic minerals, magnetic separation in order to feasibility, based on the first stage uses

Weak magnetic separator magnetic roller for the first, the role lies in the high magnetic separation of minerals (such as iron, magnetite, etc.) in order to prevent such minerals into magnetic magnetic roller attached to a large class

Magnetic roller surface thereby affecting the dressing effect; second, third and four progressively using magnetic roller sorting for minerals. The machine structure for the co-current, with a processing capacity,

Sorting high precision, suitable for weakly magnetic minerals sweep the election and selection. The machine of ore at a grade of ore, tailings two levels.

5, the machine has a main sorting hopper tank, guide trough are made of high wear-resistant non-magnetic stainless steel, which can effectively ensure the life of the machine and can be magnetized

Energy, but also to avoid the possibility of rust affecting mineral taste.

6, the drive system into a higher electrical control technology and the principle is simple, easy operation, to improve work efficiency while reducing the operator’s labor intensity.

Rough constituency bottom plate cylinder surface in the end called the working distance between the gap. Work to influence the size of the gap separating effect. Gap, the slurry flows substantially

, Help improve the processing capacity, but far away from the cylinder surface, the magnetic field strength is low, so grade tailings will raise, lower metal recovery. Conversely, if the working

The gap is small, then increase the magnetic field strength, will concentrate grade decreased, but recovery can be higher. If the work space is too small, slurry flow rate will be too fast, no time to breathe the mineral particles

Cylinder surface was brought tailings slurry stream will cause higher grade tailings, tailings discharged even make difficulties, a “full tank” phenomenon. Therefore, magnetic separator installation

And repair work should be taken to ensure proper clearance.

Sorting concentration determines the size of a certain amount of ore slurry flow rate, the impact of mineral particles sorting time. High concentrations, slow flow, resistance, concentrate easily mixed with gangue, lower

Low quality of concentrate. However, due to sorting longer favorable for recovery. Conversely, if the separation of low concentration, the concentrate grade can be higher, while the tailings grade will be increased, so that

Reduced recovery. The size of the cylinder speed also have an impact on the sorting index, low speed, low yield. High speed, centrifugal force suffered large mineral particles, magnetic Fanzuo unit time

By increasing the concentrate grade and processing power are high, while the recovery rate is reduced. In actual operation, the adjustment to the ore concentrates disperse water and rinse water is very important. Disperse

Too much water, slurry flow rate too fast, make tailings grade increased. Conversely, disperse water is small, can not be sufficiently loose mineral particles will affect the separation efficiency, the higher grade tailings

Concentrate grade lower

In iron choose another throughout the process, we seek to simplify the structure of the magnetic separator, so that it can be installed directly on the conveyor belt in the head. Similarly, it can

Configured as a single dry magnetic separator. Magnetic separation, the magnetic material will be moved to the drum with the top of the belt is adsorbed, go off automatically after the bottom of the non-magnetic material along

Horizontal parabolic trajectory straight down. Enhanced magnetic separator feed size can operate within the 350mm is currently achieve this breadth of the few magnetic

A machine.

Permanent magnet drum magnetic separator cylinder magnets can be equipped with the same cylinder are three different types of tank that is half countercurrent tank, countercurrent tank, downstream tank. The tank should be based on matching dressing

Process different ores, different size and different sorting process proceed. Slurry into the tank from the cylinder to the lower magnetic mineral particles are brought to a certain height cylinder fell concentrate

Tank, the non-magnetic mineral particles along with the movement of pulp and a cylindrical rotating in the opposite direction to the tailings slot.

Permanent magnet drum magnetic separator can be equipped with the same cylinder are three different types of tank that is half countercurrent tank, countercurrent tank, downstream tank. The tank should be based on matching dressing

Process different ores, different size and different sorting process proceed. Slurry into the tank from the cylinder to the lower magnetic mineral particles are brought to a certain height cylinder fell concentrate

Tank, the non-magnetic mineral particles along with the movement of pulp and a cylindrical rotating in the opposite direction to the tailings slot.

Semi permanent magnet drum magnetic separator tank is characterized by countercurrent sweep constituency shorter than countercurrent tank, dewatering zone longer than the countercurrent tank. So it can get both high recovery and concentrate

The advantages of high-grade, sorting index is better. This kind of magnetic separator tank in the application of the most common plant, mainly used for selection of jobs, especially for sorting size less than 0.15

Mm mineral.

Permanent magnet drum magnetic separator countercurrent flow of the slurry tank facing its rotating cylinder, which gives non-magnetic mineral particles to create good conditions for cleaning the non-magnetic part

All are in the process of cleaning the surface of the cylinder and the encounter, so sad magnetic mineral particles will absorb the strongest magnetic field in the region. So this scan volume scan constituency longer in office

Case of large processing capacity, can still get a low grade tailings, a higher recovery rates. Because it has a higher recovery rate, suitable for roughing operations, scavenging for

Industry and the heavy media recovery operations. Pulp flow direction and a cylindrical rotation direction. Tailings deposited on the cylinder row provenance many magnetic minerals, so the tailings grade general

Is relatively high, the recovery is low. Suitable for handling coarser ore or ore processing lower susceptibility. It is characterized by: dewatering zone is shorter, is caused by tailings grade

The main reason for the high. Permanent magnet drum magnetic separator downstream tank is generally used in a grinding after roughing and selected to do the job. Semi permanent magnet drum magnetic separator tank countercurrent Features

Sweep constituency is shorter than the countercurrent tank, dewatering zone longer than the countercurrent tank. So it can get both high recovery and concentrate the advantages of high-grade, sorting index is better. This kind of

Magnetic separator tank in the application of the most common plant, mainly used for selection of operations, sorting is less than 0.15 mm particle size especially for minerals.


 of magnetic material layer thickness of the device to the distribution law

Equipment distribution rules, specific analysis is as follows:

a. separator feeder layer thickness and particle magnetic name tag size of raw materials to be processed and the magnetic particle content is closely related to

b. for dealing with coarse particles generally more feed thickness. When processing coarse ore seam thickness to 1.5 times the largest particle.

c. processing of grain up to magnetic tools about 4 times the largest particles, while the fine grade material thickness is up to 10 particles.

d. feedstock magnetic material content is not high, given the seam should be thinner. If too thick, then the magnetic particles in the lower pressure by the upper magnetic sweeper material, not magnetically

It caused lower recovery.

e. and the high content of the magnetic particles, a seam may be thicker.